ZB-3 Chemistry and Stereochemistry
         of Peptides and Proteins


Head of the Group: Prof. Zbigniew Szewczuk

M.Sc. 1978, Ph.D. 1982, D.Sc. 1994, Prof. 2001


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Ø   Visiting scientist and visiting professor at the University of Wisconsin, Medison,
USA;NRCC, Montreal, Kanada.

Ø   Member of the European Peptide Society and American Peptide Society.

Ø   Member of the Editorial Board of the Bioscience Reports.


Research staff:

Ø   Prof. Konopińska Danuta (emeritus)

Ø Prof. Siemion Ignacy (emeritus)

Ø Dr. Stefanowicz Piotr, D. Sc.

Ø Dr. Bartosz-Bechowski Hubert

Ø Dr. Biernat Monika

Ø   Dr. Cebrat Marek

Ø Dr. Chmieleńska Krystyna

Ø   Dr. Kluczyk Alicja

Ø Dr. Kuczer Mariola

Ø Dr. Lisowski Marek

Ø Dr. Picur Boles³aw

Ø Dr. Rusek Grzegorz

Ø B¹chor Remigiusz, M. Sc.

Ø Cal Marta, M. Sc.

Ø   Cydzik Marzena, M. Sc.

Ø   Kijewska Katarzyna, M. Sc.

Ø   Kowalewska Karolina, M.Sc.

Ø Pasikowski Pawe³, M.Sc.

Ø   Rudowska Magdalena, M.Sc.



Research topice:


Ø   Design and synthesis of the biologically active peptides and of their organic derivatives
(particularly as immunomodulators)

Ø   Development of new methods of the peptidomimetics and peptide conjugates synthesis



Special equipment:


Ø   CD measurement equipment. CD JASCO 600 with temperature control accessory.

Ø   Spectrofluorimeter.

Ø   HPLC: analytical and preparative. (Varian and Beckman System Gold, Knauer)

Ø   Capillary electrophoresis equipment. (Prince)

Ø   Polarimeter (JASCO)

Ø   Amino acid analyzer with amperometric detector (Dionex)



Recent research achievements:


Discovery of immunomodulatory activity of ubiquitin fragments containing retro-RGD sequence .
































Development of a new method of solid-phase synthesis of quinoxaline-containing peptides [10].







Selected papers:


1.       Biernat M., Stefanowicz P., Zimecki M., Szewczuk Z.
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2.       Stefanowicz P., Kapczyńska K., Kluczyk A., Szewczuk Z.
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3.       Koprowska-Ratajska M., Kluczyk A., Stefanowicz P., Bartosz-Bechowski H, Szewczuk Z.
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