ZB-21. Dielectrics



Head of the Group: Prof. Hubert Kołodziej

M.Sc. 1965, Ph.D. 1971, D.Sc. 1987, Prof. 2001


Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry (1999–2002).

Member of the International Dielectric Society.

Member of the Material Board of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Member of the EMC-IEEE Society.


Research staff

Prof. Gliński Jacek

Prof. Orzechowski Kazimierz

Dr. Burakowski Andrzej

Dr. Kosmowska Magdalena

Dr. Kozłowski Mirosław

Dr. Pajdowska Maria

Dr. Pasternak Helena

Dr. Sobczyk Marcin

Adamczyk Mariusz, M. Sc.

Filipiak Bożena, M. Sc.

Steinmetz Grzegorz, M.Sc.



Research topics


• Molecular interactions.

• Application of physical methods to the elucidation of the structure and dynamics of organic compounds.

• Dielectric properties of liquids and molecular crystals.

• Search for the new EMC-absorptive materials.

• Phase transitions and critical phenomena.



Special equipment


• Equipment for dielectric dispersion studies over frequency region 20 Hz-40 GHz.

• Non-linear dielectric studies.

• Equipment for dielectric dispersion studies over frequency region 20 Hz-40 GHz.

• Search for the new EMC-absorptive materials.



Selected papers


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