ZB-18. Structural Applications
            of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy


Head of the Group: Prof. Adam Jezierski

M.Sc. 1970, Ph.D. 1978, D.Sc. 1986, Prof. 1995


Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Wrocław University (1990–1995).

Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, Wrocław University (1995–1996 and 1999–2005).

Member of Editorial Boards of Wiadomości Chemiczne and Studium Generale Universitatis Wratislaviensis


Research Staff:

Prof. Jezierska Julia

Dr. Żurowska Bogumiła, D. Sc.

Dr. Bieńko Alina

Dr. Jerzykiewicz Maria

Dr. Siatecki Zdzisław

Dr. Vogt Andrzej

Dr. Wajda-Hermanowicz Katarzyna

Bopurowa Zhamilya, M. Sc.

Ćwieląg-Piasecka Irmina, M. Sc.

Lewińska Agnieszka, M. Sc.

Mastalarz Agnieszka, M. Sc.

Suracka Katarzyna. M. Sc.

Witwicki Maciej, M. Sc



Research topics


 • Synthesis, structure, properties and applications of stable radicals

• Spin labels in chemistry, biochemistry, mineralogy, soil science.

• Natural and model semiquinones and their interactions with metal ions

• DFT calculations of EPR parameters providing verification of calculated electronic and molecular structure of  radicals or paramagnetic metal complexes

• Structure of humic substances in composts, soils, coals and sediments

• Application of modern EPR methods in investigation of antioxidant activity of natural products

• Employment of EPR methods and magnetic studies for characterization of spin-spin interactions  in
  polynuclear homo- and heterometallic complexes

The research of new generation of molecular magnets, the so-called “single molecule magnets” (SMM’s)
  characterised by high-spin basic state and high anisotropy

•Correlation of the low temperature magnetic properties and molecular structure of exchange
  coupled magnetic systems with magnetic interaction propagated by multiatom bridges



Selected papers


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10.   Ozarowski A., Szymańska I. B., Muzioł T., Jezierska J.
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