ZB-17.   Dynamic and Structure
             of Coordination Compounds


Head of the Group: Prof. Miko³aj Rudolf

M.Sc. 1965, Ph.D. 1970, D.Sc. 1982


Vice-director of the Institute of Chemistry, Wroc³aw University (1979–1984).

Member of the Commission “Structural Inorganic Chemistry” of the Wroc³aw branch of the
Polish Academy of Sciences (since 1985).


Research staff

Dr. Bronisz Robert

Dr. Drabent Krzysztof

Weselski Marek, M.Sc.



Research topics


• Molecular engineering – molecular materials and molecular electronics.

• Spin transition molecular materials.

• Dynamics, kinetics, thermodynamics and mechanisms of spin state transitions, metastable spin
state trapping and spin phase transitions.

• Applications of physical methods in structural chemistry of coordination compounds (magnetic susceptibility,
UV–VIS, IR, ESR, NMR, Mössbauer, X-Ray single crystal and powder sample diffraction, specific heat,
applied quantum chemistry).

• ESR spectroscopy of low-symmetry matrix trapped centres.

• Reactivity and spectroelectrochemistry of paramagnetic centres in “unusual” oxidation states.

• Design of novel ligating systems.

• Synthesis and structure of polyheterocyclic systems



Special equipment


Mössbauer spectrometer operating in the absorption and emission modes + cryostates.



Selected papers


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