ZB-16. Spectroscopy, Structure and Electrochemistry
          of Coordination Compounds of f and d Elements



Head of the Group: Prof. Anna Mondry

M.Sc. 1974, Ph.D. 1979, D.Sc. 2001


Member of the European Rare Earth and Actinide Society (since 1994).


Research staff

Prof. Karbowiak Mirosław

Dr. Starynowicz Przemysław, D. Sc.

Dr. Janicki Rafał

Babij Michał, M. Sc.

Cichos Jakub, M. Sc.

Mermer Adrian, M. Sc.

Rubka Katarzyna, M. Sc.



Research topics


• Compounds of f-block elements – their molecular and electronic structures in the solid state and solutions.

Polyaminopolycarboxylate chelates of lanthanides and their phosphonate analogues – compounds used
as diagnostic and therapeutic pharmaceuticals as well as shift reagents for various biologically important metal ions.

• Complexes of divalent lanthanides.

• Synthesis and physicochemical properties of actinide compounds with special focus on uranium(III) complexes.

• Crystal-field calculations for metal ions in low-symmetry systems.



Special equipment


Special equipment

• Oxford CF 1204 continuous flow helium cryostat.


• Bridgman furnace.




Recent research achievements





Correlation between electronic spectra
of lanthanide polyaminopolycarboxylates
in the form of single crystals and solutions
allowed to propose the coordination
arrangements of solution species as well as
to determine the influence of the lanthanide
contraction on the metal ion surrounding.











Influence of U3+--ligand bond covalency on
crystal-field energy levels resulting

from the splitting of the 4I and 4F manifolds
in U3+: Cs3Lu2Cl9 and in U3+: Cs3Y2I9
crystals was assessed.
















Analysis of the spectroscopic data of
a Sm2+ –15-crown-5 complex allowed
to get extensive insight in the electronic
structure of the 4f6 and 4f55d1
configurations of this divalent ion.







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