ZB-11a Luminescent materials

Head of the Group; Prof. Eugeniusz Zych

M.Sc. 1983, Ph.D. 1994,  D. Sc. 2002,  Prof. 2008


Ø   Vice-Dean of Faculty of Chemistry, Wrocław University (2005-)

Ø   Visiting Professor: Utrecht University, University of Minnesota Duluth, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei

Ø   Principle Investigator of five research grants of Polish Government and four international grants


Research staff:

Ø   Dr. Oczko Grażyna D. Sc.

Ø   Dr. Cybińska Joanna

Ø   Dr. Gawryszewska Paula

Ø   Dr. Guzik Małgorzata

Ø   Dr. Puchalska Małgorzata

Ø   Dr. Smoleński Piotr

Ø   Dr. Sokolnicki Jerzy

Ø   Dr. Trojan-Piegza Joanna

Ø   Dobrowolska Anna, M. Sc.

Ø   Grezer Aleksandra, M. Sc.

Ø   Kulesza Dagmara, M. Sc.

Ø   Wiatrowska Aneta, M.Sc.

Ø   Wójtowicz Marcin, M. Sc.


Research topics:


Ø   Phosphors by design – shaping phosphors properties by composition adjustment, fabrication technique and morphology control

Ø   Scintillators and X-ray phosphors

Ø   Persistent luminescence phosphors

Ø   Storage phosphors

Ø   White phosphors

Ø   Organic-Inorganic composite luminescent materials

Ø   Phosphors for medical imaging

Ø   Powders, nanocrystalline powders, sintered ceramics, nanoceramics, single crystals

Ø   Energy transfer and migration

Ø   Luminescence in solutions and complexes


Special equipment:


Ø   Controlled atmosphere furnaces up to 1800 °C

Ø   Spectrophotometers (excitation and emission spectra, luminescence decay traces, temperatures in the range 4-300 K)

Ø   Argon ion laser, YAG:Nd (pulse) laser, dye laser

Ø   Ocean Optics spectrometer

Ø   Access to synchrotron radiation at DESY-HasyLab in Hamburg


Recent research achievements:


Discovering a new family of persistent luminescence phosphors based on Lu2O3:Tb,M (M=Ca, Sr, Ba)

Description of the mechanism of persistent luminescence in Lu2O3:Tb,M (M=Ca, Sr, Ba)

Development of fabrication method for nanocrystalline Lu2O3:Eu powder - an efficient X-ray phosphor for digital radiography

Explanation of afterglow in Lu2O3:Eu materials

Fabrication of white light emitting phosphor: BaHfO3:Eu2+,Eu3+. 



Selected papers:


1.       E. Zych, “Luminescence and Scintillation of Inorganic Phosphor Materials” in “Handbook of Luminescence, Display Materials and Devices” (2003) Vol.2 (“Inorganic Display Materials”), ed. H. S. Nalwa, and L. S. Rohwer (book chapter, published by American Scientific Publishers, 25650 North Lewis Way, Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381-1439, USA).  ISBN 1-58883-010-1,  pp.251-300. 

2.       E. Zych, “Spectroscopy of Eu-Activated Lu2O3 X-ray Phosphors”, in “Frontal Semiconductor Research”, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. (2006), 400 Oser Ave., Suite 1600, Hauppauge NY, USA 11788-3619,  ISBN: 1-60021-210-7,  pp. 1-24. 

3.        J. Trojan-Piegza, J. Niittykoski, J. Hölsä, and E. Zych,  Chem. Mater. 20 (2008), 2252–2261, Thermoluminescence and Kinetics of Persistent Luminescence of Vacuum-Sintered Tb3+-Doped and Tb3+,Ca2+-Codoped Lu2O3 Materials”. 

4.        E. Zych, A. Zych, Jian Zhang, Shiwei Wang,  J. Alloys Compd. 451 (2008) 286-289. “New Fabrication Procedure of Y2SiO5:Ce and its Structural and Spectroscopic Characterization”. 

5.        E. Zych, and J. Trojan-Piegza, J. Lumin. 122-123 (2007) 335-338 „Anomalous Activity of Eu3+ in S6 Site of Lu2O3 in Persistent Luminescence”. 

6.        E. Zych, and J. Trojan-Piegza, Chem. Mater. 18 (2006) 2194-2199 „Low Temperature Luminescence of Lu2O3:Eu upon Excitation with Synchrotron Radiation in the Vicinity of Band Gap Energy”. 

7.        P. Gawryszewska, J. Legendziewicz J. Lumin. 122 (2008) 496-499 “Influence of charge-transfer state on luminescence properties of Eu(III) complex with o-phenylenedioxydicarboxylic acid “. 

8.        V. Tsaryuk, K. Zhuravlev, V. Kudryashova V, et al. J Photoch. Photobio. A,  197 (2008) 190-196,Peculiarities of the excitation energy transfer in europium and terbium aromatic carboxylates and nitrate complexes with sulfoxides: Blocking effect”. 

9.        J. Legendziewicz, J. Sokolnicki, J Alloys Compd. 451 (2008) 600-605  Spectroscopy and structural characteristic of Yb3+ and Nd3+ ions doped nanostructured Lu2O3 and sol-gel derived silica host materials”.