ZB-10. Electrochemistry


Head of the Group: Prof. Maria Grzeszczuk

M.Sc. 1973, Ph.D. 1977, D.Sc. 1988, Prof. 2005


Member of the Polish Chemical Society

Member of the International Society of Electrochemistry

Memebr of the Electroanalysis Commission of the Analytical Chemistry Committee of the
Polish Academy of Sciences (1996-2002)


Research staff

Prof. Kisza Adolf (emeritus)

Prof. Gatner Kazimierz

Dr. Kaźmierczak Jerzy

Szychowiak Wiktor, M. Sc.



Research topics


• Kinetics and mechanism of electrode processes involving low molecular and macromolecular species.

• Chemically modified electrodes – preparation, structure, interactions, charge and mass transport, reactivity.

• Thin film and solid state electrochemistry.

• Electrochemistry of conducting polymers.

• Electrochemistry of metallic electrodes in molten organic and inorganic salts.



Special equipment


• PAR Potentiostat/Galvanostat Model 273 + Model 5210 Lock-In Amplifier.

• Eco Chemie AUTOLAB GPES and FRA systems.

• UELKO Type M106 EQCM.

• SOLARTRON Models 1260 and 1287.

• METROHM 663 VA STAND and BAS Rotating disc electrode RDE-1.



Recent research achievements


Exchange of primary chloride for secondary tribromoacetate in polyaniline impacts dynamics
of polymer redox reactions [6].




Advantages of RDE over a stationary electrode for deriving kinetic-mechanistic scheme
f reactivity of TEMPO radical [7].









Selected papers


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2.     Gajewski J. B., Gatner K.
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3.     Gajewski J. B., Głogowski M. J., Gatner K., Gawliński M.
ZDDP content in mineral and synthetic motor base oils and its effect on electrostatic and tribological
phenomena In a rotating haft-oil-lip seal system
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4.     M. Grzeszczuk, J. Kalenik, A. Kępas-Suwara
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from 2D-3D growths of polymer sublayers.
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5.     P. M. Dziewoński, M. Grzeszczuk
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6.     P. M. Dziewoński, M. Grzeszczuk
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9.     M. Grzeszczuk, A. Kępas, C. Kvarnstrom, A. Ivaska
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10.  M. Chmielewski, M. Grzeszczuk, J. Kalenik, A. Kępas-Suwara
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J. Electroanal. Chem., 2010, in press: