ZB-1 Activation of Small Molecules
         by Metal Complexes and Kinetics


Head of the Group: Prof. Piotr Sobota

M.Sc. 1966, Ph.D. 1973, D.Sc. 1978, Prof. 1989


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Ø   Visiting Professor: University of Sussex, University of Trondheim, Universite des Sciences et Techniques de Lille,
University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Indiana University.

Ø   Member of the University Senate (2002–2005).

Ø   Chairman of the University Senate Commis­sion for Research and Foreign Relations (2002–2005).
Member of the Commission “Environmental Chemistry” of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Wrocław (since 1992).

Ø   Consultant at the Dow Chemical Company Midland (USA) and Hasco-lek (Poland).

Ø   University Coordinator of FP-6-2004 Mobility-13 grant “Structuring the European Research Area”.

Ø   Member of the Commission for the Research Grant Evaluation.

Ø   Member of the American Chemical Society.


Research staff:

Ø   Prof. Janas Zofia

Ø   Dr. Ejfler Jolanta, D.Sc.

Ø   Dr. Szafert Sławomir, D.Sc.

Ø   Dr. Jerzykiewicz Lucjan

Ø   Dr. John Łukasz

Ø   Dr. Utko Józef

Ø   Latko Barbara, M. Sc.

Ø   Drąg-Jarząbek Anna, M. Sc.

Ø   Gulia Nurbey, M. Sc.

Ø   Grala Agnieszka, M. Sc.

Ø   Han Tomasz, M. Sc.

Ø   Kosińska Magdalena, M. Sc.

Ø   Nerkowski Tomasz, M. Sc.

Ø   Olejnik Ewa, M. Sc.

Ø   Petrus Rafał, M.Sc.

Ø   Wojtaszak Jakub, M.Sc.



Research topics:


Ø   Synthesis, structure and reactivity of organometallic and metal complexes – precursors for olefin transformations
(polymerization, metathesis, Heck and Suzuki coupling, cyclization, etc.) leading to “fine chemicals”
and „chemical specialities”.

Ø   Synthesis of metal complexes and organometallic compounds–precursors for electronic and magnetic materials
as well as biomaterials.

Ø   New catalysts for biodegradable and environment friendly polymers.

Ø   Chemical models of the active site of nitrogenase and manganese–calcium clusters relevant to photosynthetic
dioxygen-evolving centers.

Ø   Synthesis of organic and organometallic polyynes with potential use as nanoscale electronic devices.



Special equipment:


Ø   HI-TECH SF-51 stopped-flow spectrophotometer.



Recent research achievements:




Structural Characterization of Methylalumoxane (MAO)–Magnesium Dichloride cluster:Model
of MAO grafted onto MgCl2 support





Manganese–Calcium Cluster: Relevance to Photosynthetic Dioxygen-Evolving Center



Selected papers:


 1. Jerzykiewicz L.B., Utko J., Duczmal M., Sobota P.

     Syntheses, structure, and properties of a manganese-calcium cluster containing a Mn4Ca2  core

     Dalton Trans., 2007, 825-826

 2. Jerzykiewicz L.B., Utko J., John Ł., Duczmal M., Sobota P.

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 3. Krauzy-Dziedzic K., Ejfler J., Szafert S., Sobota P.

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 4. John Ł., Utko J., Szafert S., Jerzykiewicz L.B., Kępiński L., Sobota P.

     Synthesis and characterization of mixed-metal aryloxo-organometallic precursors for

     oxide-ceramic materials

     Chem. Mater., 2008, 20, 4231-4239

 5. Sobota P., Utko J., John Ł., Jerzykiewicz L.B., Drąg- Jarząbek A.

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 6. Szafert S., John Ł., Sobota P.

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 7. Ejfler J., Krauzy-Dziedzic K., Szafert S., Lis T., Sobota P.

     Novel chiral and achiral benzoxazine monomers and their thermal polymerization

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 8. Jerzykiewicz L.B., Utko J., Duczmal M., Sobota P.

     Titanocene as a precursor for a cyclopentadienyl-free titanium(III)-manganese(II)

     cluster: a new approach for nano-size materials

     Dalton Trans., 2009, 5450-5452

 9. Sobota P., Drąg-Jarząbek A., John Ł., Utko J., Jerzykiewicz L.B., Duczmal M.

     Cyclopentadienyl/alkoxo ligand exchange in group 4 metallocenes: a convenient route

     to heterometallic species

     Inorg. Chem., 2009, 48, 6584-6593

10. Jerzykiewicz L.B., Utko J., Duczmal M., Starynowicz P., Sobota P.

      Tetranuclear manganese complexes with [MnII4] and [ MnII2MnIII2] units: syntheses,

      structures, magnetic properties, and DFT study

      Eur. J. Inorg. Chem, 2010, DOI: 10.1002/ejic.201000381